Sustainable infrastructure improvements

Off-site improvements
Some additional off-site improvements are also proposed, such as additional lanes and changes to traffic light signal timings at the following junctions, to improve capacity on the wider network:

  • A6/A582 roundabout
  • Wigan Road/Station Road/A6 junction
  • A6/M6 roundabout
  • A582/Stanifield Lane junction

1 – The access to the residential area from Stanifield Lane has been moved further south, away from the Stanifield Lane/Lostock Lane roundabout. Speed limit reductions are also proposed on Stanifield Lane.

2 – An improved bus stop on Stanifield Lane will link the new residential areas, through to Stoney Lane and across to the new shops.

3 – A further access point from Stanifield Lane is proposed to come forward in the second phase of the development. This access provides an alternative access point through the site and will help to alleviate impacts on the A582, including the Stanifield Lane roundabout.

4 – Wider footpaths and cycleways on Stanifield Lane will create better routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

5 – The southern access to Stanifield Lane will remain as the bus only route, which helps with connectivity to the southern employment zones and promoting a public transport route through the site.

6 – We appreciate that Lostock Lane (A582) is already a very busy route with few pedestrian and cycle crossing routes. A new signalised crossing point, close to the Old School Lane junction is proposed. This will link to the footpaths and cycleways onsite and connect the proposed residential and office areas.

7 – The link from the employment area to the proposed pedestrian and cycle crossings has been enhanced.

8 – Traffic lights will be introduced on the main access roundabout.

9 – The proposed layout will incorporate at least three lanes on the roundabout itself, including widening of the existing northern arm, linking the A582 roundabout. The approach to the roundabout from the M6 slip road and M65 has been carefully considered and additional lanes will be added to increase capacity. With these improvements, there will be sufficient capacity at the roundabout to accommodate the development.

10 – There will be a secondary access from Wigan Road. A new traffic light junction is proposed, along with pedestrian crossing points over Wigan Road, linking with the neighbouring Cuerden Valley Park.

11 – A separate access from Wigan Road will be created for delivery vehicles and staff car parking. Filter lanes will be introduced for vehicles turning right into the site and a filter lane is also proposed for vehicles turning right into Cuerden Valley Park.

12 – Significant footpath improvements and an extension of the cycle lanes are proposed on Wigan Road, improving links with the surrounding area.