Proposed Junction Improvements

Further reviews of the existing highway network have been carried out in liaison with Lancashire County Council Highways. As a result additional mitigation works have been identified at junctions close to the site that are likely to be impacted by the development.

These are primarily on the A6 and A582 junctions which already carry high volumes of traffic during the network peak hours.

The mitigation will create additional capacity at each of the junctions, alleviating the worst impacts of congestion in the local area.

Improvements such as additional lanes and changes to traffic light signal timings at some junctions, will improve capacity on the wider network.

A summary of the proposed measures include:

1 – Lengthening of Stanifield Lane approach arms including the left turn lane.

2 – Lengthening of right turn lane and general widening on both the east and west approach of the A49 / A582 / A6 roundabout.

3 – Lengthening and creation of an additional left turn lane on the A49 Northbound approach arm and additional left turn lanes on the A6 East and West approach. New left turn lanes are also to be added on the A6 Church Road and A6 Lostock Lane West.

4 – Signalising the M6 southbound slip road approach on the A582 / A6 / M6 junction.

5 – Redistribution of traffic through a tertiary access on Stanifield Lane to relieve pressure on the Stanifield Lane signalised roundabout. This access point is not required for the retail phase of development, but is proposed for the wider outline application.

6 – Widening and new signals introduced to the M65 terminus roundabout.