Frequently asked questions will be added here. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the development, please send these to info@thisiscuerden.co.uk.

The highways proposals will improve the capacity of the road network and a travel plan will encourage staff to reduce car use and utilise sustainable transport measures. Along with improvements through the City Deal, there will be enough capacity on the road network to support the development.

The improvements have been designed using traffic forecasts and wherever possible, direct comparisons have been made with other similar developments.

Traffic growth figures from the Department for Transport and committed development figures have also been added into our forecasts and specialised traffic modelling programmes has been used to help us understand the likely impact on the road network.

We predict visitors from Bamber Bridge, Chorley and the south are likely to use Wigan Road to access the site, equating to around 10% of the development traffic overall. Most of the new traffic will access the site from the M65.

The adopted Cuerden Masterplan sets out where each access point will be located, with access from Stanifield Lane carefully designed to make sure it is safe.

Following feedback, we have reviewed the location of this junction alongside the Highway Authority and proposed a new location to further enhance safety and will incorporate a speed limit reduction on Stanifield Lane.

No, a dedicated HGV delivery access for the retail units is proposed from Wigan Road and access to the employment areas to the south will be from the M65.

This will mean that the vast majority of HGVs will avoid smaller roads altogether. Vehicles accessing from Wigan Road are unlikely to travel through Leyland.

No, we believe that ample car parking is being provided as part of the scheme and therefore, there would be no need for customers to park on Stoney Lane.
However, as a result of feedback, further measures to discourage parking on Stoney Lane are currently being reviewed.

The car parking provided for the retail area is more than the usual number for a development of this size. Parking capacity at other IKEA stores has been tested at the busiest times and assessments show that there will be enough parking at Cuerden to satisfy demand. Separate staff car parking will also be provided.

No, we do not believe that the site will become a ‘rat run’. The Stanifield Lane third access would not come forward until the employment uses at the south of the site are developed.

Providing a third access will provide an alternative route and improve traffic flow at peak hours. This route would primarily benefit local traffic to and from Leyland on Stanifield Lane and some local traffic from the west, accessing the employment areas to the south of the site.